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Get texts from team?

“EMERGENCY” NOTIFICATIONS: 99% of our team communication is via the web page or email, but there are sometimes emergency situations when a practice has to be cancelled at the last minute — pool water too cold, pool chemistry bad, etc. We can TEXT you this information if you register your cell phone number with us. You should have been given this option when your website password email was sent to you, but you can do it any time on your account page. Click the “Add SMS” button to the right of where your email address shows on your profile page. You can also register additional cell phone numbers, for anyone you would like to receive texts from the team (your swimmers, both mom and dad, etc.). Text messages from the team are somewhat rare, as they are generally only used in emergency pool closing notifications. We try to update the web page when possible, too, when a pool closing occurs, and usually send out an email — if there is time.

Additionally,if you use the Parent OnDeck mobile phone app, we send out "alerts" to your phone if you have the app installed and registered on your phone. Here is info on how to get the mobile phone app.

We also have a Facebook and Twitter account, which we encourage you to follow:  (@swimaqua)